My songs are written and performed by me, Chris Zabriskie, published by You've Been a Wonderful Laugh Track (ASCAP), and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.

Please take a moment to read the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licensing terms for more details.

Credit is the only requirement for free use, even for commercial works.

The credit can be as simple as "Music by Chris Zabriskie" or "[song title] by Chris Zabriskie," and you're welcome to place it where it makes the most sense for your project.

Use of any of my songs without credit is not allowed.

Creative Commons licensing is the only licensing available for my songs.

I no longer sell licenses or sign permission forms.

I do not place copyright claims or advertisements of any kind on YouTube videos using my music.

If you receive a copyright notification on a video that includes one of my songs, please contact me immediately and we'll get it removed.

I can't accept donations, but purchases at iTunes, Bandcamp, and other sites directly support me and my music.

Thank you!

Clients: PBS, adidas, The Wall Street Journal, BBC, Major League Soccer, Nissan, The New York Public Library, Gawker Media, Mother Jones, NPR, Brown Jordan, Mashable, Nvidia, The Museum of Modern Art, many more