If you'd like to use one of my songs in your project or make a donation, here's all the info you need.

The Basics

All of the songs on my albums are written and performed by me, Chris Zabriskie, and published by You've Been a Wonderful Laugh Track (ASCAP).

They are available for purchase at most digital music stores, and I also share them under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.

This means you are welcome to download them for free, share them with others, and use them in both noncommercial and commercial projects of any kind. My only requirement is that I'm given credit in your project.

Credit can be as simple as "Music by Chris Zabriskie" or "[song title] by Chris Zabriskie."

Feel free to display the credit wherever it makes the most sense for your project, including in the descriptions of online videos and articles. For films added to the IMDb, please include my profile there as composer or in the soundtrack credits.

I love seeing what you do with my music! Please feel free to post links to your projects at my Facebook page so I and others can watch them (and I do watch them).


The best way to show you love what I do, monetarily speaking, is to buy my music online.

You can find me most anywhere out there, including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Spotify.

If you'd like to "donate" more, you can pay any amount you like for my albums on Bandcamp.

I am my own record label, so the majority of revenue from sales goes directly to me and supports the creation of more music. Thank you!

Usage Without Credit

If you are unable to give credit to me in your project, I require a licensing fee and a signed license agreement (which I can provide).

Licensing Fees

I have no set prices for the licensing of my songs. Doesn't matter if you're a first-time filmmaker or a Fortune 500 company. I just ask for a compromise between what you can afford and what you think is fair.

Written Licenses

If you are in need of a formal, signed license or permission form for festivals, contests, broadcast, or exhibition, I am happy to provide one. Just shoot me an email.

YouTube Copyright Claims

If you've used one of my songs in a YouTube video and have received a copyright notification or claim, it did not come from me. I will never request a video be taken down, nor do I place advertisements on them.

If this happens to you on a video that uses any of my songs, please contact me immediately and we'll get it taken care of.

If you have any other questions, or just want to say hello, I'd love to talk.